Biden polling at all time lows as Trump candidates selected  

President Joe Biden finds himself in the unenviable position of having the lowest polling numbers in US history. 

Those supporting Biden have dropped into the 30's percentile with even Blacks and Hispanics turning away in droves. 

Skyrocketing fuel prices, 8% inflation, millions of illegal border crossings and the debacles of foreign policies form Afghanistan to Russia have seen Biden's numbers plummet.

If this trend continues, the US mid-term elections would see control of both the House of Representatives and Senate return to the Republicans, making it almost impossible for Biden to pass legislation and making his Presidency a 'lame duck' one.

Meanwhile hot on his heels is former President Trump who had ALL 22 of his picks for candidates in the mid-terms winning their pre-selections.   

Biden now only has 6 months to turn things around or face an electoral wipeout that would see any chance of his re-nomination in 2024 thwarted and a new candidate install for the election

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Ukraine and Russia military fight out propaganda war

Video footage of Russian rocket attacks on what appear to be residential and commercial areas of Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv, make Vladimir Putin’s claim that only military assets are being targeted look indefensible.

Ukrainian officials have claimed that at least 11 people were killed on Monday morning after the city of 1.4 million came under heavy attack.

Video footage shared on social media showed the 13-storey Diamond City tower, a major landmark in Kharkiv, clearly in the foreground.

The Washington Post reported that Oleh Synehubov, head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, said on Monday that “dozens are dying” and that at least 11 people were confirmed dead.

He called the attacks, in three areas of the predominantly Russian-speaking city that had been considered more friendly to Russia, “a war crime”.

“The Russian enemy is shelling entire residential areas of Kharkiv, where there is no critical infrastructure, where there are no positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that the Russians could aim at,” he said in a message on Telegram.

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Labor Party may well win office with <25% of the vote

Following the poorly named Great Debate between the two leaders, both Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison head to the final two weeks in rough waters. 

Current Polling by the Daily Conservative would see 15% of Voters not attend on polling day, another 15% vote informal, leaving only 70% of the Vote left. 

From current Polling - this would mean Lib/Nat would get 39% of that 70% and Labor 32% with The Greens on 9% and One Nation and United Australia on 6% each. 

This would mean Albanese would become Prime Minister with Labor securing only 32% of the 70% of the Vote or roughly 25%. 

The biggest interest in this election is in fact not about the major parties but instead how the Independents, the so-called Teal Candidates perform, as well as the unpredictable United Australia financial advertising onslaught. Remember to watch the live Stream of the Election away from the Mainstream at

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